JRABOUTJ. Renee Styles is a name simply derived from the love and passion for
beautifying everything touched.The founder, J. Renee Styles
graduated from  Empire beauty school in Atlanta Georgia in April of
2007. From there at the age of 20 Jessica began molding and
strengthening her skills by attending classes to be coming a well
rounded master cosmetologist. Through adversity, passion and ambition
she is blessed to be here to share her journey thus far.

Renee has always had a passion for making others look and feel great about themselves.

After taking some off time to grow and nurture her family she is back
on the scene and ready to take the beauty industry by storm. With her
talents and ambition she is sure to go very far. Renee believes in
the value of time, and planning for success.

She is currently working from her own private studio located in Duluth Georgia.

Renee has always been know to dedicate herself to her clients. She
believes every woman has the right to be glamorous and fab, and having
that right is noting short of a necessity. So stop by today for a new
cut and color. Indulge in “The ultimate hair experience.”